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Superplatin started by observing the digital world and how it's becoming more important for our self-expression. Superplatin offered us a playground to test and observe the difference of digital fashion from analogue, Our work is also based on the new opportunities digital fashion has and what value fashion can have, when it can disregard all function but self-expression. By revealing our own bodies and distorting perception and reality, we treated casual topics of social media, but beyond we worked on how we interact with fashion that only exists digitally.



Sex Macht Spaß ('sex makes/is fun' or 'sex power fun') is an analysis of our playful approach on Superplatin. By presenting oursselfs online we become part of a system of observers and observed, It is reward system of likes and subscribers. To survive in this system our posts have to elicit all sorts of positive feelings in the anonymous observer. Sex, Power and Fun are universal tools used to present oneself in a positive light. These three films are an attempt at showing how digital fashion can provoke feelings in the observer. They also ask the question: where are the borders of fashion in the digital? On the street you dress up your body, on Instagram millions of pixels.

In collaboration with David Gebka