table top developer


The patenting of the tintype process in 1855 paved the way for the first photo booths. The “Bosco” photo booth, named after an Italian magician, was the first to offer quick, inexpensive prints. Paying homage to these early machines, I designed a tabletop developer for smartphones. In my freetime I’m a purely analogue photographer. “I like the fact that you have to think much more before taking an analogue photograph. On the other hand, of course digital photography has many other advantages. What’s great about the tabletop developer, in my opinion, is that it brings together both technologies.”

Underlying his new process, therefore, is also an app, which converts an image to its negative to shine it on to photo paper through the lens of the tabletop developer. Various cartridges of developer, like stop bath and fixer, are then inserted into the unit, which rocks on its rounded base to help distribute the fluids evenly. Finally, the black and white paper photo print, made from a digital photograph, is removed from the developer.